Our Mission

Our mission at ViviFi Ventures is to invest in the cannabis industry in anticipation of a cultural shift to widespread social  cannabis consumption. We focus on innovative companies and on revitalizing underperforming and cash constrained private enterprises. Our investment knowledge and the experience of our operating partners combine to find the best financing and operating solutions for our portfolio companies.


Investor Opportunities


We create investor opportunities by analyzing inefficient markets.




Who We Are

Co-Chief Investment Officer

Co-Chief Investment Officer


Leaders in research. 

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SEZs Liberalization Avalanches

The purpose of this study is to show under what conditions a special economic zone will succeed at spurring development and at sparking broader liberalization.

Today’s ultra-low interest rates

FT Opinion piece August 19 2020 Today’s ultra-low interest rates are anything but ‘natural’.

The Political Economy of Special Economic Zones

This paper is a first attempt to apply a robust political economy framework to explain when Special Economic Zones...

Adventures on the Planet of the Apes Rates White Paper

Valuation is the first stage in our process of analysis.

Economic Foundations of Capital Market Returns

We have provided a theoretical framework for estimating
equilibrium levels of the real risk-free, inflation premiums and risk premiums based on a sound economic foundation.